Thursday, May 11, 2006

a reading clib

I went to a reading club at Waseda university today.
We are reading "Burning with desire" in English.

It's talking about the post modern of photography. Yes, it was very hard to understand because English was very complicated in this book. In addition, It was very interesting because even though they are talking about photography, there are only few pictures on this book. (we couldn't see any picture on today's pages!!) So, sometimes I couldn't get what kinds of photos they are talking about. But still I could very enjoy to read it.

I really know that I need a practice to read academic texts, otherwise I can't improve academic vocabularies. And I believe it will be worth to read some academic English books for me because I'm a photographer and I'm planing to go to NY now. Then I can discuss about photography in English. hehehe

So I'm excited to go to the next day of the club. That's a good thing.


Anonymous Miya MIya said...

HI, Takako, recently I have seen a good documentary film which is really nice to see. It's called "born into brothel". It's made by a photography from new york, and she made this film in India. It's a kind of sad film though..I really want to introduce it to you after I have seen it...I don't know can you find it in Japan or not, but I think you can find that video in New York . ^^
Take care..^ ^

11:47 AM  
Blogger riri said...

Hi Miya !
I heard about the movie from my friend last year. She said it was really really good movie too!! But I couldn't find the movie at the DVD store, so I haven't seen it yet. I'm sure I can't find the movie in Japan (I heard that Japanese movie companies didn't buy the movie, so we can't see it in Japan.)

My friend told me that the photographer in the movie is a Canadian girl. I'm not sure though.

Maybe I should ask Banny to buy one as a souvenir from Canada, and then he can bring it to Japan on July. That sounds nice!

6:01 PM  

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