Sunday, May 07, 2006

nocturnal girl

I'm a pretty night person since I was a baby. My mom said it was very hard to lull me to sleep. It's not cool.
It is better if I have a roommate because I can try to adjust my sleeping time to them little bit. However, unfortunately, even I have a roommate now, she is also a night person. So It doesn't help!
The problem is I don't have any plan in the morning these days, but there are so many things to do for night time. Because most of my friends are artist, they have events mostly night time.
And I believe my brain works well in the evening. It's not good because that's why I can't stop being a night person.
Anyway, I stayed up until morning these days. Is this really bad?????
My philosophy professor told me, if the artist or philosopher is a night person, It seems they have more crazy and darker idea. And He really like such people. So he said that I should keep my style and make many crazy artworks.
,,,,,, hmm, forget about it. He was a crazy philosopher.
Well, what do I think about it is that I must have a nice husband who can control my sleep strictly and who have a strong motivation to make me healthy. hmm,,,,maybe not. he sounds too scary,,.


Anonymous MiyaLin said...

HI, I am Miya,
I am happy that you write ur blog in English again, that I can understand all of them then those in Japanese blog..^^
Are you going to meet him next month?
Wow~ It seems to be a very happy event..!!

1:30 AM  
Blogger riri said...

Hi Miya! thank you for your comment! I'm so happy to get comment form you on my new blog.
I have a strong motivation to write English these days. So, visit my blog often. And maybe you should start your own blog too for me!
But how did you find this blog?? I haven't sent any emails about information of this blog to any friends yet. Did you see my Japanese blog and did you understand what I wrote ??????

3:58 AM  
Anonymous BadasssBan said...

I think that you should try not sleeping at all for a few days. Than your art work will be super Picasso crazy. Or you can do what Leonardo Da Vinci did. He slept 15 mintues every two hours and woudl do this for days at a time. He would do this to help him kep working. You shoudl read about him. He is a true renaissance man.
Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog.

7:44 AM  
Blogger riri said...

Thank you for your comment, Badasssban. Even I don't know about you, I still so happy to get your comment.

Now I feel more confidence about my life style by reading your comment. Thank you. I really understand why Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci needed such a weird sleeping style, even though I'm not that crazy. Whenever I need some crazy idea for my artwork, I always try to not sleep as long as I can. I would get better idea or image if I did it. I've never gotten any crazy idea in the morning after good sleep. I don't know why.

8:08 AM  

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