Sunday, May 07, 2006

Early bird

I got up 2 am today and I went to a bed at 6pm yesterday. Yes, it's too early.
But it is one of a project to fix my bad life style. I'm planing to go to bed 10 pm tonight.
It is very interesting because If I stayed up late and got up late, people don't respect me even I am working so hard. Then people think I am lazy or I am not healthy. However, I'm not fat and I don't have any health problem except that I am a night person.
And I don't have any trouble for my life because I am an artist and I live in middle of Tokyo now. There are a big super market and convenient stores which 24 hour open. And my work is making art work, studying English and working as a English a tutor in the evening.
But I still feel guilty that I don't have a normal life style. It's not cool.
I guess it is not good by the point of view of a human history. But It's ok for new ages.


Anonymous Stephane said...

I just got by and wanted to say something, in case you believe that i do not care. I don't know I don't like to leave comments on blogs, because I feel stupid: there is nothing I can really say... well anyways, keep on having fun, see you later (by the way i guess i'm the first to leave a comment... how sad...)

2:56 PM  
Blogger riri said...

Hi Stephane,
Thank you for an interesting comment.
I think there is a rule to comment on a blog. If you don't feel like to comment, just don't post a comment !!
Anyway, see you soon, funny Stephane

6:28 AM  

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