Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Geki-Shashin-Dan show in Tokyo

I have a show opening July 4th to 9th in Kyobashi, Tokyo.

gallery Punctum

I'm going to show this photo. This original photo is very huge. It's a 5M wide.
So, please come and visit me! I'll be at the gallery during this show.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

My birthday!

May 26th. Today is my birthday!!
I got a lot of emails and phone callings. So, I love to say thank you very much to everybody. I'm so happy to getting old because I can be wiser day by day. I think that's very exciting. Don't you think so?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Japanese action animation in Korean or Chinese

Ben introduced many Japanese animations in different languages.
In my opinion, it is better to see Japanese action animations in Korean or Chinese. Because Japanese robot animation in Korean or Chinese sounds much stronger than Japanese one. It must be cooler especially in the fighting scene if you could understand both languages.
In Japanese, even though robots are talking something very angry, it just sounds not too angry.

it's the korean mazinger Z
from Ben.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Raining all a day

Did you know that Japan was into the rainy season ALREADY !
Uh,,,, I didn't know this. I just heard about this from my friend. How sad is this.

Do you know why I am so sad about it because right after the rainy season, we are going to have the hottest season and I can't stand being with both seasons. I can't go out anywhere during Japanese summer time, otherwise I'm going to be sick by terrible weather.

May isn't supposed to be raining season. Traditionally Japanese raining season is supposed to be in June!! And my birthday is 26th in this month, but It seems like it going to be a rainy day!

I love to escape somewhere else where is nice weather during Japanese summer time.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

new blog

I made a new blog here.

This is just my "English notebook". So, nobody can't be interested in this blog except me!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

a reading clib

I went to a reading club at Waseda university today.
We are reading "Burning with desire" in English.

It's talking about the post modern of photography. Yes, it was very hard to understand because English was very complicated in this book. In addition, It was very interesting because even though they are talking about photography, there are only few pictures on this book. (we couldn't see any picture on today's pages!!) So, sometimes I couldn't get what kinds of photos they are talking about. But still I could very enjoy to read it.

I really know that I need a practice to read academic texts, otherwise I can't improve academic vocabularies. And I believe it will be worth to read some academic English books for me because I'm a photographer and I'm planing to go to NY now. Then I can discuss about photography in English. hehehe

So I'm excited to go to the next day of the club. That's a good thing.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Yamato and me

I have many Canadian relatives because one of my Japanese family emigrated to Canada a long time ago.

Ben is one of my Canadian cousins. He is a physicist and he is really into Japanese comics. The pic on today's blog is Ben's painting. He does oil painting and It's really cool.
He gave it to me as a Christmas present. He told me Riri and Yamato space ship are there. It's awesome.

I got an email from him.

look! they are making a real-action movie version of
uchuu senkan yamato!

There is some information about it. The web site only avalable for Japanese.

But it is like a Hollywood movie. hmm, it could be a very bad movie. It remains me of "memory of a geisha". I'm interested in the cast.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Early bird

I got up 2 am today and I went to a bed at 6pm yesterday. Yes, it's too early.
But it is one of a project to fix my bad life style. I'm planing to go to bed 10 pm tonight.
It is very interesting because If I stayed up late and got up late, people don't respect me even I am working so hard. Then people think I am lazy or I am not healthy. However, I'm not fat and I don't have any health problem except that I am a night person.
And I don't have any trouble for my life because I am an artist and I live in middle of Tokyo now. There are a big super market and convenient stores which 24 hour open. And my work is making art work, studying English and working as a English a tutor in the evening.
But I still feel guilty that I don't have a normal life style. It's not cool.
I guess it is not good by the point of view of a human history. But It's ok for new ages.

nocturnal girl

I'm a pretty night person since I was a baby. My mom said it was very hard to lull me to sleep. It's not cool.
It is better if I have a roommate because I can try to adjust my sleeping time to them little bit. However, unfortunately, even I have a roommate now, she is also a night person. So It doesn't help!
The problem is I don't have any plan in the morning these days, but there are so many things to do for night time. Because most of my friends are artist, they have events mostly night time.
And I believe my brain works well in the evening. It's not good because that's why I can't stop being a night person.
Anyway, I stayed up until morning these days. Is this really bad?????
My philosophy professor told me, if the artist or philosopher is a night person, It seems they have more crazy and darker idea. And He really like such people. So he said that I should keep my style and make many crazy artworks.
,,,,,, hmm, forget about it. He was a crazy philosopher.
Well, what do I think about it is that I must have a nice husband who can control my sleep strictly and who have a strong motivation to make me healthy. hmm,,,,maybe not. he sounds too scary,,.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

My show

I have a solo gallery show opening down here July 4th
(here in Tokyo)

gallery Punctum

I'm going to show this photo. This original photo is very huge. It's a 5M wide.

And also, I'm going to sell several my photo books and other photos during my show at the gallery.
Please come and visit me!!

The Site of Reversible Destiny - Yoro Park

I'm really interested in a place which is called Yoro park in Japan. Some of my japanese friends already visited there and they really loved the park.

Check this web site out.

It sounds very crazy and cool,,,.

Anyway, I love to plan to go there in this spring or summer. If anyone is interested in this crazy park, let's go there together.
It must be fun!

My artist friend Kozue Kodama

I went back to Japan on March 7th.
I'm planing to stay in Japan around half a year. Now I am in my hometown, and playing with my little dog all a day. I'm going to stay with my family few more weeks. And then, I'm going to move to Tokyo on April to live with my friend Kozue Kodama.

Kozue is my old friend. I have to introduce her because she is a super cool artist.
Unfortunately, She has only Japanese web site.
She is a versatility artist. She is an actress, but also a singer, dancer and painter.

In addition, she does wall painting!!! It's really cool.

We are planing to organize many cool events together in Tokyo.
I can't wait to live in Tokyo with her. It must be very exciting!

Hi I just started to write English Blog again!